ABICOR BINZEL brings on new hire for Key Accounts – Automotive

ABICOR BINZEL is excited to announce the hire of Jason Jamiel as our new Key Accounts Manager – Automotive, working under Group Manager Tom Graham.headshot

Jason’s career in the welding and robotics industry spans three decades, beginning with his time as Robotics/Applications Engineer as Motoman (Yaskawa) with a focus on thermal dynamics.

Since then he has gone on to work as Senior Applications Engineer (Welding) and Senior Instructor for OTC Daihen and then moved on to KC Robotics – a robotics integrator – based out of Cincinnati, OH. At KCR,  Jason was their Welding Applications Engineer before moving up to Sales Engineer.

Most recently, Jason was at Wauseon Machine as their Automation Sales Engineer.

Jason’s role at BINZEL will be teaming with fellow Key Accounts Manager – Automotive Mike Dickman to serve BINZEL’s automotive manufacturing and Tier 1 suppliers, as well as help to cultivate new clients in the auto industry.

Jason lives in Ohio with his wife, Erin, and two daughters. He has another son who lives in Indiana.

Hobbies include building autonomous drones, racing quad copters, building motorcycles, and playing guitar.

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2017 ABICOR BINZEL Tradeshow Schedule

In 2017, ABICOR BINZEL is embarking on a full tour of North America where we will be attending and exhibiting at tradeshows across the continent. At each show our booths will have working demonstrations of ABICOR BINZEL products, as well as experienced product specialists on hand who are available to answer questions and offer potential product solutions for any welding issues you may have.  The shows we will be attending are geared towards numerous industries including agriculture, oil & gas, welding and metal fabrication.

Our Current 2017 Tradeshow Schedule:

February 28 – March 3, 2017
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas
Booth# 2938

Our first show of the year HousTex is the leading manufacturing show in the southwest.  This show routinely draws thousands of attendees from numerous industries including the Automotive, Defense and Oil & Gas industries

March 7 – March 11, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Booth# B90129

Our second show of 2017 is CONEXPO/CONAGG which is the place to be in agricultural manufacturing. CONEXPO/CONAGG brings over 125,000 people from across the globe to Las Vegas to witness the newest in agricultural machinery and equipment.

September 13 – September 14, 2017
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, QC, Canada
Booth# TBA

Entering its eighth year in 2017, the third show we will be attending is the world-class CanWeld Conference and trade show.  This event will feature live working equipment and technology, and unparalleled industry networking for decision‐makers ready to do business.

November 6 – November 9, 2017
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
Booth# B19045
Our final tradeshow of 2017 will be FABTECH where over 40,000 attendees will descend upon Chicago to check out almost a quarter million square feet of exhibit space. FABTECH is the premier welding and metal fabrication show in North America.

Additional Events:

In 2017 we also will be attending two annual events held by GAWDA. They will be hosting the 2017 Spring Management Conference from May 11 – May 13, 2017 in Boca Raton, FL and the 2017 Annual Convention in New York, NY from October 1 – October 4, 2017 for GAWDA members.  Both of these events are great opportunities for industry leaders to get together and network.

For the latest information on the shows we will be attending, make sure to follow us on all social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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ABICOR BINZEL Announces Design Improvements to Push Pull MIG Line

push-pull_plus_401_d-blk-handleAfter running several performance tests on our Push Pull Plus MIG guns, ABICOR BINZEL is announcing the introduction of knurled drive rolls (pictured below) to the gear shaft. The knurled drive roll is intended to reduce motor shaft movement  over the life of the gear motor.

The drive rolls also work to reduce slippage on the large and/or stiff wires, thus allowing reduced drive tension and increased motor life.

Implementation of the knurled drive rolls is expected in February.



In Winter 2016, BINZEL added knurled drive rolls (pictured aside) to their standard PPG/PPW Push Pull MIG gun design to achieve better gear motor life and reduced slippage. Those design changes are already in place for all Push Pull Guns ordered and shipped since October 2016.

For questions regarding the design change please contact your area ABICOR BINZEL Sales Manager.


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ABICOR BINZEL Announces Design Improvements to XTRACT MIG/MAG Fume Gun

After getting tremendous feedback from customers and end users out in the fabrication field, ABICOR BINZEL is announcing a few design changes to our signature XTRACT Fume Extraction gun to improve performance and usability for welders.

On the XTRACT, Binzel has improved the nozzle design to allow for greater access in difficult to reach places. The fume shroud has also been threaded to better capture welding fumes and been opened up to capture more fume particles than before. Also, the complete torch has been optimized to produce a higher vacuum flow.



New XTRACT Threaded Design. XTRACT 300 T Model Shown.


Old XTRACT Design

The new design has been reflected on all new XTRACT Fume Guns since December.

Contact your local ABICOR BINZEL Sales Manager for more information.


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3 Reasons to Consider Using Fume Extraction Torches

Every welding project generates hazardous fumes and smoke that can be dangerous to welders if inhaled.  One way to improve the safety of welding torch operators is with fume extraction torches.  Our Xtract® Fume Extraction Torches offer efficient fume extraction through the torch itself.  Its unique design solutions make it the best option for welding fume extraction.  While there are multiple fume extraction options in the market, here are three things to consider when making your fume extraction torch selection.

Xtract® Fume Extraction Torches

  1. Operational Use: When choosing a fume extraction torch, it is important to consider how the size and bulkiness of the torch will affect welding operations. Many fume extraction products on the market are heavy and cumbersome for the welder to use because of the technology added to the torch for the fume extraction process.  This added weight and size can make it difficult for a welder to perform their tasks properly, and can lead to welder fatigue and potentially injury. The Xtract® solves this issue by using aluminum in extraction tube for weight savings, and uses a smaller diameter extraction hose for better handling and flexibility. It also has a handle with extraction control and a swivel joint.  The innovative ABICOR BINZEL lightweight Bikox also allows for considerable weight reduction for air cooled torches.
  2. Fume Removal at the Source: Many fume extraction torches on the market do not remove welding fumes at the source of the arc. By not extracting fumes at the source of the arc, they run the risk of hazardous fumes entering the workspace and potentially causing harm to the welder.  Xtract® has a special design which guarantees highly efficient smoke removal directly at the source without affecting the protective gas shield.  This direct extraction at the arc is the best way to ensure protection of the welder’s respiratory system.
  3. Welding Station Flexibility: Depending on the number of welding work stations in your facility, a portable or centrally located fume extraction system may meet your needs. Those decisions are matters of your workface size and budget, and the type of system you would use would impact the kind of fume gun that would work best for your operation.  An example of this is that any fume extraction system is a HI-VAC system, but with portable systems, the air flow is normally less, meaning a low-flow gun would be a better operational fit.  For a Central Vacuum system, a high-flow gun would be the best option.  Xtract® easily installs to any of these HI-VAC systems and  in all existing MIG/MAG work stations, making it the best fume extraction torch solution for any welding environment.

For more information on how our Fume Extraction Torches can meet your needs please contact us.

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This November, the annual FABTECH Expo is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 16-18, the expo is the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing trade show in North America.  The event this year is expected to have over 27,000 attendees and over 1,200 exhibiting companies including ABICOR BINZEL.  With a mission to bring together the metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing industries, and provide a forum for displays of the latest technologies and innovations, FABTECH is the can’t miss show for anyone in welding and manufacturing.


This year, we will be exhibiting at Booth N4704 where our product specialists and trained sales and key accounts personnel will be demonstrating the uses and capabilities of our newest products.  As a leading maker of handheld and robotic MIG and TIG torches, our products are designed specifically to meet your manufacturing needs, and your welder’s performance standards.

Here is some more information on the products we will have on display and holding demonstrations of:

  • ABIMIG SpinArc: One of our newest product offerings, the SpinArc is designed to accelerate your production operation.  Using centrifugal force and a rotating wire to produce molten droplets of metal, this unique product is proven to drastically reduce weld time. Durable and low-maintenance due to a gearless torch motion, the SpinArc plugs into any wire feeder and welding power source.  Advantages include higher travel speeds, and all position welding capabilities in a spray-like mode.  The SpinArc solves the common pain points in welding, cladding & metal fabrication, while saving you weld cost per foot of vertical down weld, and square butt joint.
  • ABIMIG AT: This extension of the ABIMIG family has the same lightweight, heavy ABIMIG ATduty welding capability of the ABIMIG WT model. Available up to 400 amps, this air cooled version provides the best handheld welding experience in the industry when used with our high heats resistance wear parts.  Equipped with a ball joint and lightweight “Bikox® LW” cable assembly, and exchangeable and 360° rotatable torch neck, this welding torch allows for relaxed welding in every position.
  • TH6D Optical Seam Tracking: The TH6D Seam Tracker from Scansonic provides real time data with touch-less recording and measurement of weld components and is the best way to obtain a perfect welding seam.  It will work for all standard seam shapes, and is suitable for all standard surfaces including aluminum and stainless steel.  With an optical filter to prevent falsified measuring results, and a splashwater proof-housing, the Seam Tracking from ABICOR BINZEL is perfect for automotive and OEM manufacturers.   Check out this video of the TH6D in action!
  • ABIROB “Endless Rotation”: A product so new we have still yet to name it, this innovation of our already proven ABIROB Robotic Torch line has a full, endless 360o swanneck/nozzle rotation without torsional stress of the cable assembly. This means faster and easier robot programming with less reorientation movements. The lower program cycle time means less cost and less time spent to finish the job at hand. This new ABIROB comes equipped with an equal tool center point for wire brake option and utilizes standard ABIROB spare parts and consumables. We’ll be showing the rotating action of this groundbreaking new robotic torch technology at our FABTECH booth!

Be sure to come by Booth N4704 to see live demonstrations of these products among others including our Electronic Welding Regulators, pioneered by Regula and carried by ABICOR BINZEL.  For the latest show news and information, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Optimizing Shielding Gas Consumption Improves Welding Efficiency

In today’s manufacturing world, greater focus is being placed on maximizing the efficiency of all processes and operations on the plant floor.  When it comes to welding, shielding gas consumption is a central issue facing welding engineers and plant managers as they seek efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes. As gases are not visibly consumed during the welding process and often their usage is not tracked and gauged as vigorously, it is a more difficult “part” to keep track of in it’s usage.  Failing to track this, however, leads to increased and unnecessary costs being spent on gas, shorter lifetimes on the tanks that store them, and increased  handling costs for having to shuffle out tanks with more regularity.

Solutions exist that save gas consumption with outstanding results. Electronic Welding Regulators, pioneered by Regula and carried by ABICOR BINZEL, are one of the most cost-effective and easy to implement solutions to save on shielding gas consumption.


Electronic Welding Regulator from ABICOR BINZEL

How It Works:

The EWR is a device that controls the flow of shielding gas for arc welding.  When the welding process begins, the gas that is between the outlet of the EWR and inlet of the gas solenoid is set at a predetermined pressure in a non-flow state.  The EWR monitors this set pressure level and maintains it during the non-flow condition.  The gas is stored in the section of hose between the EWR outlet and the gas solenoid inlet, and the length of that hose determines the required gas pressure.

After the solenoid is opened the pressurized gas is then released into the welding torch, purging the torch of moisture that may have developed in the gas line during the non-welding condition.  During the actual welding cycle, the EWR monitors the welding current and meters shielding gas based on the amount of current in the welding arc.  The gas current is applied via a standardized curve within the unit and flow can be added or reduced by changing the start point of the curve.

Benefits of the EWR: 

Using an Electronic Welding Regulator offers  multiple advantages that will improve your welding operation.  From up to a 60% saving on shielding gas, to increased process stability, improved welding arc due to gas flow consistency, and longer tank lifetimes, the EWR will make your welding process more economical and efficient. Using the EWR will also allow for a stronger and more stable gas flow as opposed to the standard gas flow without it.  It can also be used on bulk systems as well as bottles if the gas pressure is controlled between 45 and 65 PSI.  With the EWR Pro Display Unit the gas usage and pressure can be viewed with additional information displaying data that would suggest leakage and pressure issues as well.  In the video below, we demonstrate the difference of welding with the EWR and without it.

Visit our website to get more information about our welding products and technology for the welder’s world or contact us.

We also have an ROI Calculator that you can use to compared your current gas usage with an EWR and the potential cost benefit.

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